Supplemental Sick Leave

From Article 15 Section E (note other Units have similar language) of the Unit 1 Contract Temporary Leaves of Absence

1. There shall be a Sick Leave Committee, consisting of one (1) member designated by the Association, one (1) administrator appointed by the Superintendent, and the School Medical Director, who shall be an advisory member. Said Sick Leave Committee shall review and act upon applications for additional sick leave days submitted by members of the Unit. The sick leave bank will be funded by a mandatory donation of one (1) sick day per year by all Unit 1 members who have more than one (1) year of service. All Unit members shall be eligible to receive days from the sick leave bank. Days donated to the sick leave bank do not expire.

Each Unit 1 member shall be eligible to apply for and be granted a maximum of sixty (60) days per illness, subject to the limitation in paragraph 3 below. Any member wishing to apply to the sick bank would begin the process by sending a request for supplemental sick leave to the Superintendent or Designee. The Superintendent or Designee shall immediately thereafter forward an agreed upon form to the member that asks for specific medical and financial information and provides complete and comprehensive instructions on completing the form and continuing the request process. Upon receipt of the necessary forms, the Superintendent or Designee will immediately thereafter schedule a meeting of the Sick Leave Committee to review and evaluate the member’s request. In the event that any member of the Sick Leave Committee shall not be immediately available, a designee shall take his or her place. No request shall be unreasonably delayed due to a Committee member’s non- availability.

2. For purposes of this Article, the term “serious illness or injury” shall be defined as one, which is generally regarded as such by those in the medical profession. Any dispute as to whether or not an illness or injury is “serious”, as used herein, shall be resolved by the School Medical Director. The purpose of this paragraph is to provide additional sick leave in extraordinary situations where a seriously ill or injured member has no other significant means of income and cannot return to work for a prolonged period of time (after accumulated sick leave credit has been exhausted) which will create a bona fide economic hardship upon the member. It is not intended to cover absences of a day, or several days, in excess of accumulated sick leave, or situations where there is no serious or prolonged illness or injury, or where no bona fide economic hardship exists. The Committee is authorized, however, to grant additional sick leave upon a pro-rata basis where, in its discretion, it deems it appropriate to do so and such pro-ration does not exceed the general limitations set forth herein.

3. Other provisions:
a. In the event that there is a request to the sick bank and there are not a sufficient number of days to fund the request, the Superintendent will have the discretion to review and grant any request.
b. Members covered by a disability insurance policy shall not be prohibited from applying to the sick bank for days while in a waiting period for benefits to start.
c. Members who are on workers’ compensation will not be prohibited from applying for sick bank days and no member shall be discriminated against based on his or her workers’ compensation status. Requests may be granted on a pro rata basis as necessary. However, in no instance shall a member be entitled to benefits greater than his or her salary.
4. The decision of the Committee shall be final, binding, and not subject
to the Grievance Procedure set forth in Article 26 (Grievance Procedure) of this Agreement.

To apply to the sick bank, Click the link below: