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    ONTECH Charter Meeting Thursday June 22nd 5pm at the Vision Center, 1221 South Salina

    Does Syracuse need a 4th Charter School to drain more $$$ from the SCSD and undermine the certified, unionized staff in the SCSD? It is time to take a stand and draw a line in the sand! Be there to voice your opposition!

    In addition, and no less important, be there to support our refugee community! They want college, and not agriculture, in their future!

    Members of the refugee community (parents and students) will be meeting at 3:30 on Thursday in Room 225 at Henninger. Please join them if you can.

    The meeting information one more time:

    ONTECH Charter Meeting
    Thursday June 22nd
    The Vision Center
    1221 South Salina Street

    It's time to take a stand for our public schools, our profession, and most importantly, our students!
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