From The Contact:

Each employee shall be granted up to six (6) days of leave with full pay for each death in the immediate family or the nearest relative.

  • Husband
  • Wife
  • Domestic Partner Mother
  • Father Son
  • Sister Daughter
  • Brother Grandparents and Grandchildren
  • Guardian in loco parentis

In-laws in the above categories, where applicable Step-family in the above categories, where applicable. Such leave shall not be curtailed because of use of family illness days and shall be on a non-cumulative basis.

3. Each employee shall be allowed one (1) additional full-time teaching day to attend the funeral of any of the following members of the family:

  • Aunt
  • Niece
  • Uncle
  • Cousin
  • Nephew
  • In-laws in the above categories, where applicable

4. The Superintendent is authorized to grant additional paid emergency or funeral leave under unusual circumstances which, in his/her judgment, justify such an exception