December 2016

I want to take this opportunity to personally wish you and your loved ones a happy and safe holiday season. As we mark the halfway point of our school year, I want to again thank you for your support through an exciting time of transitions and challenges, among them the following:

• We have finalized with the district an APPR agreement that is intended to improve and shorten the evaluation/observation system, yet staying within the NYS Guidelines. It was also my intent with this APPR agreement to have our untenured members know more clearly and timely where they stand in the process of their professional growth.

• A main focus this fall has been to connect with all our members and revitalize our Building Committees within our schools.

• We have taken steps toward better communications with membership by reconstructing our STA Website, Face book and Office Communication System to insure we are keeping you up to date on the latest events and information. We want to listen to your concerns, respond in a timely manner and be your voice on issues of concern.

• STA wants to be able to celebrate your accomplishments and events as they unfold. Many of you participate in so many wonderful things in the community. Call us and let us know of any events, such as coat drives, fund raisers and community dinners so we can help publicize them on our website.

Politically, the Syracuse Teachers Association will continue being the voice and face of public education speaking out with NYSUT, AFT and other community leaders at the local, state and national level against Charter Schools and the privatization of education. Public education is the corner stone of our democracy. We must be vigilant that those without voice, our SCSD students, are heard and given an equitable place at the table of opportunity.

Having been a lifelong urban educator, I have been in your shoes and shared the struggles of our students and families. Given the landscape of our upcoming political climate, we need to be at the ready now more than ever. I believe the challenges and obstacles our students will face in achieving a fair opportunity for success will be greater than ever. Still, I know the drive and determination each of you have for your students will be a mutual bond between us in being strong advocates on their behalf.

I undertook the responsibility as your STA President because I see the wonderful potential in you, our students and district and the collaboration that is possible among all of us. Together we can accomplish great things in this New Year.

Please do not hesitate to call…my door is always open and STA is always here to serve you.

Yours in Solidarity-

Karen Fruscello
STA President