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  1. Information on SAS and SASCS that everyone should be aware of

    "The Presidents of the Rochester, Syracuse, and Buffalo Academies Boards of Directors have also served on the Board of the CMO/landlord Terra Science and Education,48 which serves as the landlord for...
  2. The Racist Origins of Private School Vouchers
  3. ONTECH Charter Meeting Thursday June 22nd 5pm at the Vision Center, 1221 South Salina

    Does Syracuse need a 4th Charter School to drain more $$$ from the SCSD and undermine the certified, unionized staff in the SCSD? It is time to take a stand and draw a line in the sand! Be there to...
  4. NYSED Statement on President Trumpís Proposed Budget
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    Long Live Fowler!!!
  6. Educators played central role in crafting new standards
  7. More salt, fewer whole grains: Trump administration plans to relax school lunch rules

    I wonder if catsup is a vegetable and soda is a fruit now?
  8. Refugees question need for agriculture-focused school designed with them in mind
  9. Simple Talking Points about the upcoming vote on a Constitutional Convention

    Labor Rights

    At Risk: The right to collectively bargain, as well as unionize.
    At Risk: Worker's Comp.
    At Risk: Pension Protections.

    A Waste of Tax $$

    Will cost hundreds of millions....
  10. STA Ad Hoc Committee on Charter Schools

    Hi everyone,

    I am chairing an Ad Hoc Committee on Charter Schools for STA. It's time to bring STA, parents, community groups and hopefully the district together in order to fight the opening of...
  11. Syracuse 4th grader leads class in making care packages for elderly

    Shout out to Samaia Goodrich, a 4th Grader at Meecham, as well...
  12. School choice producing segregation in districts across Michigan (DeVos' home state)

    This is the last thing we want!
  13. Simple Talking Points About Charter Schools

    Simple and true. SAS comes to mind when I read this.É.pdf
  14. Hall sweeps, electives, physicals: 8 ideas Syracuse students proposed to school board

    If you haven't been to a board meeting lately, please consider doing so and see our great students in action!
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    Call DeFran and Valesky on Monday!


    John DeFrancisco- (315) 428-7632
    David Valesky- (315) 478-8745
    Call them and tell them, "Don't DeVos-state our schools! No more money for risky charter schools! Support our great public...
  16. 72 Languages Spoken at Syracuse Schools
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    Bellevue is getting walls!!!!!!
  18. Link to the information on the NYS State Education Budget 2017

    If you are looking for a little light reading, the info about PK-12 is on pages 7-101.
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    Information on HR610
  20. CNY - People's March for Education Justice

    CNY - People's March for Education Justice
    Saturday March 4th
    Hanover Square

    "On Saturday, March 4, students, teachers, parents and community members across New York state will stand up...
  21. AQE March for Educational Justice March Syracuse Planning Meeting

    There will be a meeting held at Syracuse Center for Peace and Justice at 2013 E. Genesee Street (just east of Westcott) on Wednesday at 7 PM regarding the possibility of getting this march off the...
  22. Have We Lost Sight of the Promise of Public Schools?

    Please take a few minutes to read this....
  23. Oppose HR 610, a bill designed to push school privatization

    Please sign and share. This bill is bad!
  24. Michigan, Under DeVos Influence, Declines Sharply on NAEP
  25. Kenyan Court Blocks For-Profit Bridge International Academies

    Even though the 4 charter schools that will be open in...
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