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  1. More Space, Ethnic Food: 8 Reasons Syracuse Schools are Exploring 'Central Kitchen'
  2. Syracuse Teachers Union President's First Goal: Communicating With 3,000 Members
  3. Charter Schools in Syracuse
  4. Webster Food Service Team Goes Above & Beyond To Serve Their Students!
  5. Two Miles Too Far Resolution to be voted on by the Common Council
  6. Syracuse school board is pleased with Interim Superintendent Jaime Alicea
  7. Demand NY Governor Cuomo End Systemic Racism in School Funding
  8. In Support of Our Refugee Students & In Opposition To Betsey DeVose
  9. SCSD Board Resolution In Support of Our Immigrant Students
  10. SCSD Resolution Betsy DeVos
  11. Charter School $$ = Transportation $$ in the SCSD next year?!?!?!?!
  12. Please sign this petition from the Action Network
  13. Oppose HR 610, a bill designed to push school privatization
  14. Have We Lost Sight of the Promise of Public Schools?
  15. AQE March for Educational Justice March Syracuse Planning Meeting
  16. CNY - People's March for Education Justice
  17. Bellevue is getting walls!!!!!!
  18. 72 Languages Spoken at Syracuse Schools
  19. Call DeFran and Valesky on Monday!
  20. Simple Talking Points About Charter Schools
  21. STA Ad Hoc Committee on Charter Schools
  22. Refugees question need for agriculture-focused school designed with them in mind
  23. Long Live Fowler!!!
  24. ONTECH Charter Meeting Thursday June 22nd 5pm at the Vision Center, 1221 South Salina
  25. Information on SAS and SASCS that everyone should be aware of