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2014-15 Expanding Horizons Application


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The New York State Teachers' Retirement System is offering free retirement planning seminars to help prepare members for retirement.
Pension & Retirement Program Schedule

Employee Retirement System

This system is for non-certified members. Typically Civil Service members in Unit 7, 8 & 10.


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Contract Negotiations

The District and Association have made progress recently and resolved some major issues surrounding negotiations. The Association has proposed several dates prior to the Holiday break in order to move the negotiations forward. Once dates are finalized the parties will commence negotiations and work towards achieving successor agreements. Our goal is to bargain the issues and bring fair contracts forward, however we feel strongly that no contracts are better than bad contracts.


The STA has started a blog with FAQs that relate to APPR. Please feel free to send questions to appr@syrteach.org and the most common ones will be added to the blog. We will also be working on a Code of Conduct/Discipline blog that is similar in the near future.


SCSD Half Days

The Association and the District are in the process of finalizing a Memorandum of Agreement that will resolve the issue of the late student dismissal on half days. In the meantime, please keep track of the exact time your students are released and you are no longer responsible for them as this will be important to determine future compensatory time. Once the MOU is finalized the Association will report the specifics of the agreement with reps and the membership.

Employee Self-Service Now Available Outside SCSD Network

The STA advocated for the Employee Self-Service (ESS) system to be available outside the SCSD network and on July 1, 2014 this became reality. Please follow the link below to access the ESS system.

Employee Self-Service System - SCSD User name and Password required

APPR Resources Updated

The STA has revised the APPR Manual and created a Local Measure/Target Setting Issue Reporting Form these documents can be downloaded below.

APPR Manual - Revised May 2014
Target Setting Issue Reporting Form

SCSD BOE Approves 2014-15 School Calendar

At its meeting on May 13, 2014 the SCSD Board of Education approved the 2014-15 school calendar. Follow the links below to view the calendar digest and payroll calendars.

2014-15 - School Calendar
2014-15 - Payroll Schedule

STA Files Lawsuit Over Unfair Evaluations

ALBANY, N.Y. April 16, 2014 - The Syracuse Teachers Association today challenged the way the State Education Department set growth scores for students who took last April's standardized tests, filing a lawsuit charging the state failed to adequately take into account the effects of poverty and, as a result, wrongly penalized teachers who work with the most disadvantaged students.

STA President Kevin Ahern said Syracuse teachers welcome fair, accurate evaluations that help improve classroom instruction and student outcomes. "Our teachers are highly skilled, dedicated professionals who understand that good evaluations, fairly and accurately done, can be helpful. But SED's failure to properly calculate growth scores has been anything but fair and accurate - and it has resulted in tremendous harm to teachers who pour their hearts and souls into helping their students succeed."


TIF (Teacher Incentive Fund)

The TIF Grant has been described in an e-mail sent to Unit 1 members (classroom teachers only) via SCSD e-mail. The information about the grant, the breakdown of school into specific groups, etc can all be found on the document below. Once more information is published we will link here.

TIF Summary/Breakdown

APPR Growth Information & Privacy Law Links

Understanding Your Growth Score

APPR Privacy Law Summary

Login for Secure Growth Reporting System (NYSED)

FAQ on the Teacher Student Roster Verification (TSRV) System - Updated 1/23/14

Questions on APPR

Please forward any questions you may have about APPR to appr@syrteach.org and appr@scsd.us. We will follow up with any questions submitted with the SCSD.

STA Evaluation Information Page

SCSD Evaluation FAQ Page

NYSUT FAQ on Teacher Evaluation Settlement

Unit 1 Contract Grids

Below are the new grids for the 2011-2014 Contract Extension. Other contract information can be found on the Contracts page.

Use the chart below to verify the proper amount is being deducted from your paycheck.

Don't Forget About VOTE-COPE!!! You Can Always Sign-Up!!!
Contact William Scott - 4th Vice President with any questions.


Through the efforts of Assemblyman William Magnarelli, the STA is offering the Expanding Horizon Grants program. The awards are designed to help our members supplement the funding of field trips that will expand the cultural horizons of SCSD students. For full details, criteria, and forms, click here. For questions or help with the form, call us at 472-6374.

2014-15 Grant Application -
Click Here to Download

Emergency Closing of Schools...

  • All STA Members - On the first two days of either wind chill or snow, staff and students do not report. On all subsequent cancellation days due to weather conditions, staff will reports on wind chill days and not report on snow days.
  • All STA Members - When one or more schools are closed for other than inclement weather reasons, all personnel will report for duty at the usual time in accordance with the emergency plan developed by each office/school, unless otherwise notified.



The STA office is located on 731 James Street. Parking is behind the building off of Willow Street across from the building. There is a side door to enter the office. The STA office is located on the first floor.


AFT SCHOLARSHIP ALERT The AFT has several scholarships available. Check out their scholarship page to see which one may help you.

GRANTS ACTION NEWS A New York State Assembly publication, Grants Action News contains inside information on K-12 education grants, grant writing and a host of other state and federal funding programs.

OUR SCHOOLS DESERVE EQUITABLE FUNDING ! Let Albany know that we won't accept anything less. Please join the STA in supporting Parents for Public Schools of Syracuse and the Alliance for Quality Education by visiting their web sites to find out how you can help.

Contract Questions and Answers: Moving to a salary grid is a complicated process. Some of our members most Frequently Asked Questions are answered here.


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